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Oil Finders Leveraging "Big Data" Beyond Decline Curves 

Jay Still, CEO of Guidon Energy

” I thought your models were totally wrong, but right on track on how we think about things. We have millions of dollars being spent on what is actually happening down hole and there are still no silver bullets on modeling the answer. This is some good stuff and really relevant to capital allocation decisions we have to make. Thanks for simplifying it to a CEO level that I can incorporate into my job of capital allocation. I look forward to more.”


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Production Targets


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Data on a Touch Pad

Our Philosophy

Our interpretations highlight ground truth opportunities using the best data, analytical tools, and workflow to help drive profitable investment decisions.

Subscriptions to BasinPak+ offer an integrated subsurface property model that is calibrated using Premier Sample Library cuttings data. Interpreted products are quality controlled prior to integration. These include XRF & XRD lithology, pyrolysis maturity, and total organic carbon richness. Our grid attribute products plug into most software applications. Analysis is updated monthly with additional laboratory results for the most accurate subsurface information available.

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Production Targets

What good is a type curve model if investors don't understand which targets are actually productive and economically viable? Production allocated type curve models seen in A&D materials miss targets ripe for investment capital. These artificially lifted well volumes also mask which geological targets are better producing. Some companies spend millions of dollars combing over these details prior to making an investment. Our basin model incorporates refined stratigraphic frameworks to properly assign well production to a target, and we extract geologic properties tied to actual well performance for screening. We define important geologic and productivity features at basin scale to guide investment capital allocation. Do you know which targets are really viable and where they are? We do.


We are experienced energy professionals helping our clients turn investments into more profitable returns .

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