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Derek Buster

Petrophysical Advisor & Managing Partner

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ProdiGeology embodies a clear channel of communication for stakeholders to highlight underdeveloped opportunities in upstream Oil & Gas. Our workflow starts with a philosophy,

“We make or save money for oil and gas investors by using the right data, tools, and experience to inform their investment decisions.”

Throughout the modern industrial revolution, a lot of information has been created by oil & gas companies. Our experience using this data has made millions of dollars for our investors, proving lost opportunities still exist in hidden places. Our approach to solving “Big Data” problems uses unbiased modeling, supported by evidence from physical rock samples, highlighting additional prospects for development. We let the geologic "chips" fall where they may, with ground truth and proven production results that correlate to geologic success.

We work with clients to build enterprise geologic and petrophysical data solutions. We deliver straightforward interpretations with various commercial software applications that integrate seamlessly into most data aggregation platforms. We made our interpretation package cost effective, accurate, and quick to consume for our clients.  Our experience solving complex problems for oil and gas operators spans the early days of the “Shale Revolution”. Our team focuses on creating regional subsurface frameworks that make sense with production to quickly identify successful horizontal well targets across the basin.  Our workflow combines detail-oriented research with non-traditional datatypes to create powerful visualizations for understanding where un-tapped opportunities exist and simplify the process for clients to deploy capital effectively.      


Melissa Buster

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Business Manager and CFO

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