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Seeing a Forest beyond the Trees

Growing subsurface knowledge throughout low commodity price cycles

ProdiGeology specializes in the meticulously quality control of disparate types of subsurface data. These include petrophysical data, laboratory data, geophysical data, reservoir engineering data, drilling and completions data. Our approach while building this data library product began after years of hands-on understanding for the data acquisition process of each technology we integrate. Building a better commercial data library requires validation of the source information before incorporating it throughout our model. We've observed industry professionals and data scientists perform economic evaluations of minerals with little to no exposure to the source technology being used, and it has been rather catastrophic for their investors. Many data science professionals are specialized in analytical mechanics but seem overly removed in using specific technologies. These specialists often approach model building from a narrower perspective than generalists, which have more exposure to a broader range of technologies. Often professionals with higher levels of education also have limited hands-on wellsite experience, maybe never observing the collection of the data they want to incorporate into their analysis. We rigorously screen data to correct or remove anomalous information due to poor acquisition before it gets used.

Integrating disparate data types into a holistic production model will lack credibility for the investor if the modeler building the product can’t explain every aspect of how the data was acquired. Thus far, the industry has used sporadically sampled laboratory results to calibrate log based petrophysical interpretations across entire basins but continue missing important targets ripe for investment. For many companies, a drilling area may not be a priority for investing in science today because collecting samples in every geologic target adds an additional expense. In the consideration of building our data product, we covered thousands of feet of drill cuttings samples already collected from each well to fill in those scientific knowledge gaps. We made our data library the richest and most accurate geologic understanding of these mineral resources ever created.

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